Patrick Finn       Motion Designer and Artist

︎  Collaboration with the team at Foundation, creating animations to be released with each new update or feature

︎  Collaboration taking the different pieces and products of Soft Services and putting them in motion

︎  Early concept work with the team at frog design developing the motion language for HBO Max

︎ Various animations for Grailed’s cyber week promotion created in collaboration with Joel Evey, Thanh Truc Trinh and the team at Grailed

︎ Collaboration with the team at Universe, animating different elements of the brand including feature release videos, site assets and much more

︎  Collaboration with the team at Playback animating all pieces from the brand mark to a promotional video to social assets

︎  Title Sequence, interstitial titlecards and lower thirds animated for Netflix documentary film “Get Me Roger Stone”

︎  30 second spot introducing Jot – created in collaboration with the team at Red Antler

︎  Pieces from different projects

︎  An animated typeface named Explodots that started as a personal project then was fully developed as a working animated typeface with the team at Animography